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We work with the best brands in the market.


Due to our 25 years of experience in the field of energy we can contribute our knowledge to your needs.

Realizamos proyectos de climatización, calefacción, gas, gasóleo y sistemas de detección de incendios

We carry out comprehensive control projects for all types of facilities.

Distribución de materiales de climatización, calefacción, refrigeración e incendios de primeras marcas del mercado

Distribution of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and fire materials from leading brands in the market

Suministro y estudio de instalaciones de suelo radiante, energía solar, geotermia y todo lo relativo a frío calor

BMS: building management solutions, seeking efficiency, comfort and air quality.

Cálculo y suministro de chimeneas así como el montaje de las mismas. Igual para extracciones y ventilación

Energy efficiency, priority objective from the beginning of the project.

Estudios de regulación y control, telegestión de todo tipo de instalaciones de climatización y calefacción. Prestando especial atención al ahorro energético y aportando soluciones personalizadas

Control maintenance, preventive and corrective, so that the objectives are met.



Our philosophy is to offer solutions and comprehensive service to our clients with maximum speed and efficiency.
Company created in the year 2000 to supply Air Conditioning, DHW, Diesel, Gas and Fire equipment from the best brands on the market, offering technical and control solutions to all types of facilities.

For this we have a highly qualified human team with a long professional career.



We intend to go hand in hand with the client at all times, advising him from the beginning: Looking for the best technical and efficient solution for the installation, for a logical and precise control of it, looking for the best performance and providing solutions for easy monitoring and maintenance. For this we have the best technological partners, which offer us current and staggered solutions that adapt to all types of facilities, in terms of difficulty and size.



Buildings consume about 40 percent of all energy worldwide, and HVAC systems account for more than 40 percent of building energy use. The BMS allows us to monitor energy and be able to optimize consumption and performance, with the aim of obtaining savings without losing efficiency, comfort and air quality.

Thus becoming our best ally in all these objectives.

Our technological partners are at the forefront in this sense, offering current solutions, attending to the different needs of the client.

No matter the size of your building, its purpose or use: Our catalog of building automation and control systems is very complete and allows us to design a customized solution for the specific needs of each building. All our systems are open and flexible, and thanks to their open communication protocols it is very easy to integrate them with other systems and gives us the option to modernize them later.



Energy efficiency is the set of actions, which begins with a good design of the installation, calculating and choosing the best products in each case, carrying out a good execution and implementation of the same.

Throughout this process, we can advise and go hand in hand with the client, carrying out a good control project according to the installation and choosing a BMS according to the client’s needs.

When the installation is already executed, our staff can carry out an audit of it, focused on energy savings and possible improvements for this purpose, where improvements in performance, hydraulics and control would be proposed.



Preventive maintenance is carried out periodically and its main objective is to achieve maximum efficiency of the equipment, as well as to maintain the functional characteristics of the facilities.

Another objective of maintenance is to anticipate possible breakdowns that may cause the installation to not work correctly, which leads to a failure in the service and an increase in production costs.

Corrective maintenance is carried out through the client or in the control review itself, either due to failures in control equipment, field elements or failures in the control strategy.